Real Madrid 2-0 Celta at home: Asensio passes Militao to score

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Real Madrid 2-0 Celta at home: Asensio passes Militao to score

In the 30th round of La Liga in the 2022-23 season, Real Madrid will face Celta Vigo at the Bernabeu Stadium at home. In the first half, Vinicius assisted Asensio to break the deadlock; in the second half, Asensio assisted Militao to score with a corner kick. In the end, Real Madrid defeated Celta Vigo 2-0, 8 points behind top Barcelona in the first game. Before this round, Real Madrid trailed Barcelona by as many as 11 points. They just doubled Chelsea in the quarter-finals of the Champions League to advance to the semi-finals and also reached the semi-finals in the Copa del Rey. Celta ranks in the middle and lower reaches of the standings, and belongs to a team that has no worries about relegation and no hope for the European war. Camisolas Benzema

Soon after the start of the game, Celta took the lead in creating a threat. Solari shot from a long distance from the outside and hit the far corner, which was slightly wide. After that, Real Madrid controlled the rhythm of the game, but it was difficult to create opportunities for a long time. After playing for 20 minutes, Real Madrid's chances began to appear frequently. Benzema's shot kicked high and Ceballos' shot kicked wide. Until the end of the first half, Real Madrid scored a goal and Vinicius assisted Asensio with a push to score. Vinicius' role is too great, he can always tear apart the opponent's defense in the frontcourt. At halftime, Real Madrid led Celta 1-0.

In the second half, they changed sides and fought again. Celta took the lead in making substitutions, and Servi replaced Solari. However, Celta soon lost the ball again! Militao headed past Celta's goal. The goal killed the game. After that, Celta had to fight back and attack frantically, but they still failed to break through the gate guarded by Courtois. The final score was fixed at 2-0, and Real Madrid beat Celta Vigo. There is no doubt that Asensio is the best player in the game. He made 2 goals alone, including 1 goal and 1 assist, and an astonishing 6 key passes.Camisolas Real Madrid 2023

Real Madrid has won 4 consecutive victories in all competitions. In 4 games, Real Madrid scored 8 goals in total and conceded 0 goals. Both offensive and defensive ends have done extremely well. At present, Real Madrid's total points are 65 points, 8 points behind Barcelona at the top of the list. At the same time, Barcelona has one less game. Obviously, Real Madrid's chances of winning the league are slim.